March 14, 2017

Welcoming Spring

In the tropical country I lived in, Indonesia, we only have two seasons: rainy and dry season. Sometimes I wonder how it feels living in four seasons country, take Japan as example besides I really want to live there! 1-2 years enough for me to experiencing Autumn, Winter, Fall and Spring, whoa! then move to Europe :p
It's been 9 months I am living as small business owner and exploring my art and design skill, during this process I really give more attention to details like, I can take time to see more things around me, I brought the fallen flower home and enjoying her scents for two days, sight-seeing sunset from my 3rd-floor bedroom, a morning walk and buying vegetables and chicken, clean my room regulary, chit-chat with old lady folks, can take time for my crochet projects especially when it's time to make swatches or make sample 'till I find the right formula (sometimes playing with Math too!)

I realize that January, February and early March is where rainy season going on! lol XD (all I knew rainy seasons is in -er months) it's the best time to just stay inside the room, enjoying tea when it's rainy, sleeping with my lovely-thick blanket even if it's day or night. You know I really love blanket so much since I was a child! rainy seasons is best for me 💞

I see in my instagram these days people start welcoming to Spring, lots of flower blooms photos and it means: it's time to wear bright colour dress!

I love Spring's vibes but sleeping in daylight is so frustrating. only can wear thin clothes, tank top and short is the best. Sadly I can't use my lovely-thick blanket even if it's day or night, well instead I can still use light fabric, not a blanket actually. I remember those days in rainy seasons I used two layer blanket at night cause it's so cold like you're living in the village under the mountain. As blanket lovers, my motto is "hot or cold, blanket is the best" lol  and yes more laundry to do 'cause I'll sweat a lot :p

I am waiting and planning fun things to do outside when it's full Spring...🌸

yeah the point of this post is about blanket 😁

miss my blanket 💕 and welcome Spring!
Oh please prepare for colourful illustration in my blog during Spring 😉 Hope it won't make you dizzy XD
Aisyah Amiru

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