March 19, 2017

100 Girls Painting Series: Girl No. 43 in Delpozo

Girl No. 43 wears Delpozo Fall 2016
One of my Finished the Unfinished series 😂 This girl was from last year painting. I leave it unfinished after I got sudden-stress attack... write and delete, write and delete. No not in this post. I should write something fun, but hey I'm only a human 😜 I seem to hurt the people I care the most but I'm not sure what to do.. Two months is the longest in my stress history and the process to crawl from thisfear-pit was the best time ever. During this process I realized something. Something I wish to knew earlier and beginning..

(Is it finish the unfinished or finished the unfinished? If you find wrong grammar in my entire blog post please excuse me, English isn't my first language though I want to keep my blog in English, this is my kind of way to learning it ^^)

Aisyah Amiru

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