March 17, 2017

100 Girls Painting Series: Girl no. 41

"Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery." 〰 Victor Hugo

Girl no. 41 in Red. Red means bravery ⚓
So I'm ready for the next project, after several times (actually two months) back and forth, I only did few painting in the last two months, in fear and confusion
I wait and enjoy this so called creative block and stress, I've try to calming my-own-self, try to understand myself very well and I did . I can!. I read Magoz's blog he face same problems like me too. I've also read some articles and it helps me a lot to crawl up from this fear-pit. I think most beginner artist like me out there might experiencing this problem too. So please if you've just like me, you know you're not alone :) I'm not going to write my problems here now, maybe in one special blog post.
Thank God it becomes clear and clear everyday. - they said it means that you are in progress 👊

I'm going to join Draw A Dot April's submission, I've choose one of Maison Magriela's couture collection and still planning the concept 😁 Hope it going well 💕

Aisyah Amiru

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