March 21, 2017

Flowers No. 1

 For the sake to fill "Flowers" categories ^^
Floral arrangement illustration

March 18, 2017

100 Girls Painting Series: Girl No. 42 in Miu Miu

Girl No. 42 wears Miu Miu Spring 2017 RTW

Oh what a productive weekends! 💖 I've done 4 colourfull paintings in just one day. Je suis calme. Now I love to practice a lot, I know it's hard to keep a consistency but I try, once it becomes a habit I'm sure if I miss a day I'll feel guilty. Say no more to wasted days 👋
Aisyah Amiru


exploring and colour study ➰ I love this colour palette so much!

March 17, 2017

100 Girls Painting Series: Girl no. 41

"Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery." 〰 Victor Hugo

Girl no. 41 in Red. Red means bravery ⚓
So I'm ready for the next project, after several times (actually two months) back and forth, I only did few painting in the last two months, in fear and confusion

March 14, 2017

Welcoming Spring

In the tropical country I lived in, Indonesia, we only have two seasons: rainy and dry season. Sometimes I wonder how it feels living in four seasons country, take Japan as example besides I really want to live there! 1-2 years enough for me to experiencing Autumn, Winter, Fall and Spring, whoa! then move to Europe :p

March 11, 2017

Blinking Eye

I tried to make another simple animation, draw directly in Photoshop
This 'Blinking Eye' inspired from Radiohead song lyric 'Bodysnatchers' and I looove this song so much! 💕 while working I listening lots of Radiohead songs, simply played it from my Spotify playlist.

Not long ago I found internet meme about Radiohead➷
Q: why you always listening Radiohead?
A: because I'm a creep and I'm a weirdo
lol XD

I'm not going anywhere this weekend, instead I'm planning to learn knitting again, trying to catch up march daily-drawing-prompts, scheduling line and instagram post, and maybe input lalunaland's product catalogue to website if possible ^^
Have a nice weekend!

Aisyah Amiru

March 10, 2017

My Relationship with Coffee and Tea

Sometimes coffee makes me anxiety
Sometimes coffee makes me happy

I confused

Drink lots of tea, it's too sweet and I feel sick
so I want a coffee

I smell coffee, I make a cup for me

The sweetness of tea makes me sick, it makes me want to feel the bitterness of coffee in my mouth,
then I make a cup for me

I had slightly tremors because of coffee but still I make a cup for me

Morning for tea, afternoon for coffee
become a habit 'cause my mother always serve us best at the time

I grow drinking my Dad's afternoon coffee, he drink it after several minutes it served,
leaving coffee grounds behind and just one slurp coffee at a time, that was a best coffee I've ever had

Every time it's rainy I make a tea
Every time I'm sick of tea, I make a cup coffee for me

Tea tastes better with cookies
 and coffee just coffee itself

coffee and tea
a cup for me

Aisyah Amiru