March 21, 2017

Flowers No. 1

 For the sake to fill "Flowers" categories ^^
Floral arrangement illustration

March 18, 2017

100 Girls Painting Series: Girl No. 42 in Miu Miu

Girl No. 42 wears Miu Miu Spring 2017 RTW

Oh what a productive weekends! 💖 I've done 4 colourfull paintings in just one day. Je suis calme. Now I love to practice a lot, I know it's hard to keep a consistency but I try, once it becomes a habit I'm sure if I miss a day I'll feel guilty. Say no more to wasted days 👋
Aisyah Amiru


exploring and colour study ➰ I love this colour palette so much!

March 17, 2017

100 Girls Painting Series: Girl no. 41

"Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery." 〰 Victor Hugo

Girl no. 41 in Red. Red means bravery ⚓
So I'm ready for the next project, after several times (actually two months) back and forth, I only did few painting in the last two months, in fear and confusion

March 14, 2017

Welcoming Spring

In the tropical country I lived in, Indonesia, we only have two seasons: rainy and dry season. Sometimes I wonder how it feels living in four seasons country, take Japan as example besides I really want to live there! 1-2 years enough for me to experiencing Autumn, Winter, Fall and Spring, whoa! then move to Europe :p

March 11, 2017

Blinking Eye

I tried to make another simple animation, draw directly in Photoshop
This 'Blinking Eye' inspired from Radiohead song lyric 'Bodysnatchers' and I looove this song so much! 💕 while working I listening lots of Radiohead songs, simply played it from my Spotify playlist.

Not long ago I found internet meme about Radiohead➷
Q: why you always listening Radiohead?
A: because I'm a creep and I'm a weirdo
lol XD

I'm not going anywhere this weekend, instead I'm planning to learn knitting again, trying to catch up march daily-drawing-prompts, scheduling line and instagram post, and maybe input lalunaland's product catalogue to website if possible ^^
Have a nice weekend!

Aisyah Amiru

March 10, 2017

My Relationship with Coffee and Tea

Sometimes coffee makes me anxiety
Sometimes coffee makes me happy

I confused

Drink lots of tea, it's too sweet and I feel sick
so I want a coffee

I smell coffee, I make a cup for me

The sweetness of tea makes me sick, it makes me want to feel the bitterness of coffee in my mouth,
then I make a cup for me

I had slightly tremors because of coffee but still I make a cup for me

Morning for tea, afternoon for coffee
become a habit 'cause my mother always serve us best at the time

I grow drinking my Dad's afternoon coffee, he drink it after several minutes it served,
leaving coffee grounds behind and just one slurp coffee at a time, that was a best coffee I've ever had

Every time it's rainy I make a tea
Every time I'm sick of tea, I make a cup coffee for me

Tea tastes better with cookies
 and coffee just coffee itself

coffee and tea
a cup for me

Aisyah Amiru

February 26, 2017

Finished the Unfinished Sketches: 100 Girls Painting Series Girl no.39 & no.40

Girl no. 39 wears Stella McCartney FW 2016

 Girl no. 40 surrounded by the flowers

Both were from my 2016 sketches. So I finished yesterday. There's two or three more sketches I hope it'll finish this week ^^
Aisyah Amiru

February 25, 2017

WEEKLY JOURNAL #1: Painting on Pouch with Diela Maharanie

It was lovely saturday afternoon, I am lucky enough to win a free seat of Painting on Pouch Workshop with Diela Maharanie host by Living Loving and WomanTalk.

A week ago, I saw Kak Miranti's (she's co-founder of LivingLoving) instagram post about this 'giveaway'. Anyone can win a free seat and they ask us to write comment on WomanTalk the reason why we want to join the class. So I submitted, this Thursday they announced the winners and I am one of them. Thank you for choosing me! 💕

It's also the second time I meet Kak Diela, the first time was not long ago in the Desain Grafis Indonesia talkshow, I posted some photos of it in my facebook.

Diela Maharanie is my first favorite Indonesian artist, I followed her since 2013. Back then, Twitter was a hit, she's always updated her recent works, sometimes she also share her playlists. I download every-single-song she tweeted. Yesss believe me. U2, The Cardigans, M83, REM, Feist, Bjork, Mew, Blondie, Cocorosie, Badly Drawn Boy and many others. I love them all! ❤

In the first met, I ask her several questions like how is it like living as an artist in Indonesia, the difference of Indonesian client vs International client, how to maintain creative block, and tips for beginner like me. I already know she's actually has no art-school background but it's surprised me when the host tell us that Diela starting her Illustrator career at 22 years old age, it means I am now just the same age like her when begin this all.

January 26, 2017

''After the rain, good weather''

is a poetic way of saying: 'Hang in there.' Even if things are bad at the moment, they'll get better..
Aisyah Amiru

January 8, 2017

Object No. 1

acrylic x gouache with wrong selection of paper (the acrylic doesn't look good on it)