April 28, 2015

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.”

― Vincent van Gogh

April 7, 2015

Crush Mocca Living is on progress

Oh I am happy to let you know that's ( I am soon to be owner of ) Crush Mocca Living, is on production progress. Alhamdulillah. :)

The production may take long time because I am the only one player; as owner, designer and crafter. Time, is the precious things for me. Follow with mood and modal.
I am now work ten to six, every Mon to Fri. Can you imagined?

It's been a year passed since I decided to start production, design, and concept. Well, I still doing those three thing and stuff till now.
It's like OK - Revised - OK - Revised.
When I am in a good mood, I love doing the project. It's like I can't doing or thinking anything else except the project. In otherwise, even in a second, I with purpose won't look the concept books or the project or I keep saying "Laters, baby!".

I want to share a HUGE stories here. Laters :p

So this is what's exactly soon to be owner of small business hope, We will make it this year, October 2015. Amin.

x Aisyah Amiru

April 3, 2015


No. It’s not about that movie theater.
Well, I am an 21 years old girl right now. Should I say YAY? YAY then!
Fact, birthday is not important for me. I just get older every year. But I like it, moment when family and few of my friends wish me a success life, be better man, find my mirror *laugh hard*, and some of kind wishes.

2015. I feel different atmosphere of this year. So let me share something about April 3th 2015..
I am very grateful to Allah SWT for everythings He gives to me; life, family, friends, health, sadness, sick, joy, rezeki, job and etc etc etc etc etc. Alhamdulillah. He helps me every millesecond ( maybe I am not here right now write this post if it's not because of Him ). But maybe I am not grateful enough.
My lovely Mom and Dad; Oh words is not enough for your sacrifice and everything you give on my life, thank you very much for your patient of me, laugh, tears, happiness, supporting me of whatever I love to do. I know I hurt your too much, I am not doing what you two really hope me to do and to be. Especially Mom. But I promise you. Please hang in there a little bit more. I love you, Mom Dad.
Well. I am today might not in success level from the others view. But this is I am. I am very grateful can do what I really love to do. That's what I have and maybe other people not.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don't let anyone limit your dreams - Donovan Bailey.

Everything needs process.

Found your passion, you must fight for it. You might fall, rise, then fall again –hopeless, full of tears, happy, stress, despresion, hurt your lovely people heart and so on and so on. Nah to keep you on the right track that’s why you need the ‘right people’. Alhamdulillah, I have two best friends also sisters from another mother, Ammy and Dhea.

The really true friends is who’s on your side in sad and happiness.

We shared happiness, fight, tears and sadness. I might not be the perfect friend for them, They might not too for me. I am really thankful and lucky knowing and having them as my friends.
Whoa I can’t believe I write this post. Actually I am not much of writer. As you can see there is nothing to read on my blog. Hihi. I always kept in my mind, I must write something with my hand; with pencil or pen on paper, whatever it is. But I’m busy, err no I just thought I’m busy. Sometimes I get some thought to be topic for blog post, I just kept them in mind and yes I forgot it. But this time, I will try. This is my promise.

I know, I know. My English is a mess.
“So why you keep writing in English? Just write in Bahasa then!”
“Because I love English-men!” LOL
Remember I mention about different athmophere in 2015? Yes that’s it. Oh may you forgive my bad English. Please correct me if you find something wrong. I will thankful for it :)

I am in progress way to success. I will. In this year.
Just enjoy the process.
Happy 21!
xx Aisha.