January 23, 2015

Michele Campanella's Piano Recital

Earlier December 2014 I'd watched a Korean drama named Cantabile Tomorrow and at the time I started love Classical Music. I have a list about the songs played in the drama and dowloaded some of the songs. Ha! But I'm not talking about the drama right now haha

I shared to facebook about the drama and my friend, Ammy ( who had watched this drama before-and Classic lovers ) say if I want to be into Classic Music then go admire some real musicians. She gave me a Indonesian musicians-list; Pianist, Violist, Cellist, even Conductors. Btw we both admired Iskandar Widjaja.

A couple days since we talk in my facebook status, I've check my email and found the invitation from IIC Jakarta, Yes! It's invitation of Michele Campanella's Piano Recital.
Wohooo it's just like dream come true! It's the perfect time and I won't want missed it! So I've booked the tickets for myself, Ammy, and Dhea ( Ammy's sister ).

We met on the weekend in Ammy's house to plan our trip to the Usmar Ismail Hall, Kuningan Jakarta ; and have a

Tuesday, January 6th 2015
I and Ammy met in Manggarai Train Station and go ahead to the spot using public transportation. It's a quite night, clear-sky and luckily there's no traffic.
We are bout late cause the recital's begin at 19.30 AM but as usual; Indonesian people; ngaret.
We got the tickets, enter the hall and take a seat.
The Master's performance nothing but awesome. He is great, play clear

January 9, 2015